What is an orgonite?


In Exoterica, we use the term, “orgonite” to describe handmade resin products made by our creator, Kelvin Lim. Our orgonite products result from the continued exploration and discovery work of how different kinds of materials – both organic and inorganic – can work together in different forms to produce different energetic effects.

Made with the knowledge of how multiple layers of organic and inorganic materials such as awakened crystals, unique incense blends, sacred geometry and symbols can work together, we also apply the principle of intention in all our orgonite products.

For example, Kelvin created a series of wearable orgonites in the form of pendents that are intended to protect the users and owners. He chose to make them with the objective of creating visually attractive pieces as well as, coming from him training how to create beautiful pieces of artwork and from the fact that everybody loves things of beauty.

Kelvin also made a series of orgonite pyramids to support users and owners when they are working, to serve as a focus point while one working by removing negative forces, and he created a series of customisable defence cubes for home spaces.

What is observable from our orgonite products is how each orgonite becomes a harmonizer, an amplifier and a forwarding force based on intention the user wants to have. For example, a user is trying to rest but is distracted with opposing forces that prevents the user from resting. The work of the orgonite is to remove the distracting energy from the space and to amplify the user’s intention to rest.

When owners of our orgonites return to share with us stories of how they are able to produce more results in their lives, we feel happy and honored to have contributed a small part in making their lives work better for them.

As each piece from Exoterica Creations is handmade, no two pieces of orgonites from Exoterica Creations are and can be exactly the same. So when you get an orgonite from Exoterica Creations, you get a one-of-a-kind item that no one has seen or have been in existence before.

While we recognise that the transmutation quality of orgonites is similar way as crystals, the key difference with orgonites is that these man-made products can be customized to suit the ever changing needs of our modern living. In the world of increasing digital soup we live in, having a custom-made defence-type orgonite product that combines both crystals and newer materials makes a more effective solution to ward off excessive electromagnetic frequencies.

Plus, when orgonites can be created to look good – who wouldn’t want to own a few?

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Exoterica Creations Orgonite Pendants – Defence (bottom row) & Zambala Series (top row)


When we cannot “verify” with our usual senses, it can become difficult to grasp and believe if any effects happenings are indeed true. For some of us, the term “orgonite” might sound like something made up – maybe taken from a futuristic sci-fiction scenario.

But the idea of orgonites is not new.

“Orgone energy” is commonly referred to as the universal life force found everywhere. In ancient texts, it is referred to as chi or prana. The idea of orgonites is commonly associated with Scientist Wilhelm Reich who experimented and assembled materials into forms that became known as orgonites.


It is important therefore that you, the owner and user of orgonites, be reminded that like crystals and other tools we offer, orgonites benefit from regular cleansing and charging so that they can continue to do their work alongside with you, the user and practitioner.

Find out more about cleansing here.

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