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Clears out negative energies or influences. This all-in-one multi-purpose energetic cleanser works for both your space and your body.
Candles are more than just a source of light, they are an underrated power symbol and tool for practitioners. Our intention candles are made for you to change, enhance or boost your surroundings.  
Can be used not only to enhance love and connection opportunities in your life but also rejuvenate its original intention and meaning.
What happened to the days where we used to say it with written words? Bring out the writer in you with our range of postcards featuring original orgonites created by our principle creator, Kelvin Lim Kian Meng.
Its amplifier effects are produced through its sympathetic energy matches that help you reach deeper and harder with the sprays when you need them.
Awaken perks you up energetically, heightens your senses, and gives you that WAKE-UP call when you need it most.
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