As energetic beings, even if we have close to zero awareness & education with regards to energetics and energy, we can still experience and observe energy loss when it happens.

Energy loss can happen anytime, anywhere.

Energy loss isn’t just a condition sensitives have. Energy loss can be experienced by anyone since our energies constantly interact with the world around us, and these constantly occurring energy exchanges are not always positive or energizing in nature. For example, some of us experience energy loss as a drained, sleepy or tired feeling (e.g. after speaking with someone toxic); some of us experience energetic shifts as feelings of nausea or having headaches (e.g. upon entering a “negative” space.)

Visualizing mental boundaries, clearing clutters, and surrounding ourselves with plants and crystals are common and useful ways to protect our energy and prevent energy loss. These are great practices every practitioner should have.

But if you, like us who are constantly looking for ways to up our game, you would want to know if there are new or more effective ways to boost or strengthen your safe spaces, as do we. We are always searching for new ways to boost our space, so if you feel the same > read on.

Cleanse & Protect

Safe spaces that prevent unnecessary energy loss result from two actions: cleansing + protecting. Cleanse and protect go hand-in-hand; it is counter-effective to create a shield without first cleansing the space or person of negativity. Akin to same effect of changing one’s clothes but not taking a shower to remove the build-up grease/dirt.

Regular energetic cleansing means that your energy and spaces remain vibrant and energetically strong enough to protect you. We can’t really talk about protection and shields when our base is weak. So naturally, the smart thing a practitioner can do to maintain and strengthen clean energy is to create healthy habits around cleaning and cleansing on a regular basis. Similar to how more people now are turning to preventive medicine (e.g. eat healthy, exercise) vs reactive medicine (seek medical treatment when unwell).

To support this, we offer a range of cleansing products to support the development of healthy cleansing habits.

For example, you can run our Cleanse or SuperClear in a diffuser on a weekly basis and let the diffuser machine enhance your space energetically. (Disclaimer: these suggested solutions are not intended to replace fundamental steps of cleaning such as clearing physical clutters or replacing smudging for a ceremony.)

Shields, Protections, Guarding, Defending : So what’s the difference?

In the world of esoterics, there different ways of shielding and protecting, but basically they bear the same intention : to keep secure from danger or against attack and negative intrusions that affect our energetic vibration. Each has its own strengths, and being aware of the distinctions can help us distinguish which solution works best for us and in which situations.

Shield implies a cover to keep something or someone safe. Can be physical or energetic in nature. Coaches, trainers, instructors, leaders, managers, sales people, healers > people whose work / practice involve handling people’s negativity/objections on a daily and prolonged basis benefit from shield-like protection. (Our health shield, Shield, Shield+++ sprays and incense beads fall under this category. )

Protect is to keep safe: general safe-keeping. You protect against adversary, harm, attacks, the undefined – e.g. psychic or spiritual protection. You protect the weak, the injured, what’s important, valuable and meaningful – e.g. our families, our homes, our valuables. (Ask us about our protection incense bead you can wear / carry with you or include in your power bracelet, or ask about our crystal protection grids you can set up in your home or office.)

Guard is more “active” then shield and protect in that it has a watch after / over / out something or someone specific action. To stand guard at the gate, for example. Gatekeepers benefit a lot from strong guarding. Who are gatekeepers? Generally people in first or front line are gatekeepers. Gatekeepers act as guards against the unknown to a known cause or space, or group of people. Another group of workers who benefit from guarding are people who open themselves up to negativity in their course of work. E.g. Healers – doctors, nurses, physicians fall under this category. Coaches, therapists and counselors who open themselves up to be vulnerable to their clients. (Ask us about our crystals we work with can be programmed to guard us.)

Defend is most “active” and “specific” in the category of protection. Defence has a warding off / repellent effect. The attack / enemy is usually defined and known. Here, we are talking about defense & counterattack energies going hand-in-hand to protect us. Meaning, before going into a negative space, the smart thing to do is to go prepared. E.g. Before entering a hospital or cemetery. (Tried our FO bath? Tapping into plants with a strong repel effect, FO bath mix our bestselling soap most loved for its active defense quality. FO also comes in an incense bead form – perfect for including in your power bracelet).

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