One of the principles we adhere to in our material work is gathering evidence that our stuff work. So in 2020, Kelvin traveled to the US and had some of our spray creations tested in a lab at the Division of Perceptual Studies in the University of Virginia. The primary investigator, Dr. Ross Dunseath, who is also co-director of the Ray Westphal Neuroimaging Lab, carried out tests on the sprays to measure frequency emission changes (aka the effect our spray has on its environment).

The lab results documented an immediate and steady change in emission frequency for Cleanse, Exorcist and Liquid Luck sprays. Note how quickly our Cleanse spray is able to remove particles from its immediate environment, as seen in the quick drop in readings from 3.5 to just above 0.5 as seen in the chart below.

These findings might not make a lot of sense until there is a point of reference, so read on.

At the time of testing, Dr Ross Dunseath also recorded the frequency emissions of a number of items, amongst them, some crystals (natural citrines with silver rutiles and K2) for comparison.

Compared with the lab results of naturally-occuring crystals Citrines and K2 charts, the emission frequencies recorded by our sprays are pretty significant, not to mention significantly steadier in terms of its effects compared to naturally-occurring crystals.

Dr Ross Dunseath (center) going through the test results with Kelvin (photo right).

Excited as we are about our tests, these tests also point out how we can better the quality and consistency of our sprays, and to find better ways to quantify the effects of our sprays. Our plans to re-visit the lab for further and more thorough investigation are paused for now, unfortunately, until COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted.

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