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Shields & Defences : any practitioner’s must have. Tapping into the powers of at least 5 different plant medicines, this Exoterica Shield Spray allows for extra protection when you (a) need a booster (b) you didn’t have time or energy, or space to put up a shield, or (c) need to put up a shield in a hurry (like driving past an accident or bad traffic).

Very powerful when used with shamanic shield rituals. Also useful to increase alertness and endurance via a general feeling of reduced perceived exertion and energy loss. Feel the protection bubble effect around you that gives you the space and peace of mind to recharge and restore your vitality.

See also: Shield+++ SprayCleanse Spray.

Always cleanse before shielding.

Available in 20ml & 50ml.

Can use direct on self, or as a solution in a diffuser for your space / home / office.


20ml, 50ml


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