Online Program : TBP Fire-Smudge Pack


Welcome to Live Your Mark’s TruSelf Bodywork Evolution (TBE) or Practice (TBP) series! These online programs done in your private space that last for months > it will make a difference to you to keep your space clean throughout the duration of your TBE/TBP.

Note for TBP(G) participants: The items in this TBP Fire-Smudge Pack are recommended for your Shamanic Training days in TBP(G). Closing Date for Orders: Day 42 of TBP(G).

Fire-Smudge Pack:

1 x 50ml Cleanse Spray

1 x 50ml Clear Head

1 x 20ml SuperClear Spray

1 x 50ml SuperBath

1 x SuperClear Smudgestick (fire-based option for Smudging)


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