Love Karmic Incense


The need for love is an enormous one, and is also one of the major driving forces that causes people
to hurt or harm others in their blind desire to fulfill their needs and wants for love.

Formulated for graduates of Live Your Mark’s transformational program, Principles of Love and Relationships (POLAR), the Love Karmic Incense is designed for payment of karmic debts owing due to the effects of negative acts in the past love / intimate relationships.
Making this offering can also address issues created by people in love relationships who have been hurt, cheated, lied to, harmed (or vice versa to their lovers) for whatever reasons. (We’re not here to judge)

Our Love Karmic incense also addresses love which was disrupted or interfered with in an untimely manner, leaving incompletions, causing promises to be broken, unfulfilments of desires as well as resentments and lingerings.

Hear straight from the creator what he intended Love Karmic Incense to be about. This incense pack is suitable for first-time or seasoned spiritual practitioners. Comes with a set of step-by-step instructions on how to make a karmic debt incense offering.


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