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Liquid Luck


Used in hushed tones and secretly shared by word-of-mouth, many have benefited from the positive effect of this spray. Formulated to alter your luck in a positive direction. Changes your encounters into the positive, and influences your luck with encounters, events, fortune, and people. Responsible use please: all that glitters is not always gold.

Suggested uses:

  1. Use the spray before you step out of the house (and after you have handled your daily personal hygiene) to increase your chances of a positive encounter
  2. Use the spray before you enter into a meeting where you wish to influence the outcome more positively. (Note: Does not substitute for actual necessary preparations)
  3. Use the spray on objects which you carry with you or at home if you wish to increase the luck factor of
  4. Use the spray on people in your personal circle whose increase in luck benefits you. (Note: You can benefit from the spillover effect)

20ml, 50ml


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