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Enhancement Series: creates a deep internal desire and drive in you that makes you want to do something or gives you an idea, influence, or force about what to do or create. Use this heightened state of motivation to propel you towards completing a task, project or hitting a target.

A few squirts of Inspiration in a bottle can provide you with the fuel to overcome obstacles. Open your mind to new ideas, think outside the box, embrace a sense of exploration and experimentation. Use with fair caution: users have reported to be in a state of focused attention and absorption (also known as flow) – becoming more fully immersed in their activities and experiencing heightened sense of concentration and effortless engagement. So time may fly by if you activate this spray, so give yourself some breathing space after the initial effects wear out (usually in 4-6 hours).

Available in 20ml & 50ml.


10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 100ml


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