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Grounding : being present; in the moment

Most modern spiritualism seekers speak of being in the moment as though it is an easy state to be in. Our take? Unless you live on a mountain top or in a cave with minimal distractions, it’s NOT going to be easy to stay present and not lose yourself.

Our grounding formulation brings you energetically attentive to the present moment, which involves observing and accepting the present moment without judgement, opening up the way for you to appreciate the richness of the moment you are in.

Use Grounding to engage your senses more, to enable you to become more attuned to sights, sounds, tastes, smells and textures around you. Plus, with growing medical evidence that grounding can positively impact physical health and well-being, (such as reduce inflammation and improve sleep) – this is one formulation to have around you.

Available in Bath Mix too.

Good Gift Idea. Daily use possible.

Find out more about Grounding benefits and how to become grounded via our Earth ceremony event, held in April yearly.


50ml, 100ml


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