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Clear Head


Calling all thinkers & intellects! When your head hurts after using too much brain juice > brighten up your Intellectual-body / headspace with Clear Head!

Good for thinkers who use a lot of brainpower and spend a lot of time in thought and thinking. Creates clarity and mental sharpness by eliminating brain fog and clutter. Increases perceptions – very useful learning aid. Can be used daily to emphasize cognitive sharpness and heightened mental acuity.

Available in 50ml.

Peaceful Mind works more on stabilizing your Emotional-body, establishing a way for you to be able to see through or past things by leaving you feeling tranquil and at ease.


50ml, 100ml

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  1. Mitch (verified owner)

    Clear mind spray is a daily thing I use. A small bottle lasts so long as I dilute it in a 100ml nanospray bottle with 1ml of Cleanse (1:10 ratio as advised). I spray it every start of work and whenever I need extra brain power to think clearly!! One 100ml lasts a month! Love it!

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