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The first Exoterica spray ever created, and our #1 Bestseller, our Cleanse formula is a must-have for every practitioner, and the first on the list to have for every newbie. This all-in-one multi-purpose energetic cleanser works for both your space and your body – and we never tire of hearing how our customers are using Cleanse in different ways!

Cleanse clears out negative energies or influences of a generic nature, neutralizes a public space by gently scrubbing the energetic field with a few discreet squirts, or use it on yourself when you are tired for no reason to clean out forces that may be hampering you.

Be educated about Cleansing in our Blog section.

Available in 20ml & 50ml.

Suggested uses :
– Spray directly unto areas around your head / shoulders
– Mix with water into a solution and diffuse in a humidifier / diffuser
– Mix with water and use as mop / surface cleaning solution

Bestseller in our Spray collection


10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 100ml

1 review for Cleanse

  1. Mitch (verified owner)

    Cleanse spray is a daily thing I use. A small bottle lasts so long as I dilute it in a 100ml nanospray bottle with 1ml of Cleanse (1:10 ratio as advised). I spray it in the morning, evening, everytime I arrive back home just to ensure always clear of negative vibes 😊 I pair it with smudge and shield every spray! One 100ml lasts a month! Love it!

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