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Candles are more than just a source of light, they are an underrated power symbol and tool for practitioners. Our intention candles are made for you to change, enhance or boost your surroundings.  
Its amplifier effects are produced through its sympathetic energy matches that help you reach deeper and harder with the sprays when you need them.
Awaken perks you up energetically, heightens your senses, and gives you that WAKE-UP call when you need it most.
Makes recharging your crystals’ vital and vibrant energies easier. Ideal for use on crystals used in healing, protection, and meditation that can accumulate a lot of negativity.
Created to increase opportunities for creating wealth and fortune in life that match effective action in the pursuit of happiness and freedom in money.
Bathe in fortunate energies. Infuse your energies with Fortune Bath to increase moments of synchronicity and opportunities in your life. Seasonal, while stocks last.
Helps you increase your capacity to gain more accurate, more penetrative, deeper, and inner seeing with someone or something.
Creates a drive in you that makes you want to do something or gives you an idea, influence, or force about what to do or create.
Formulated to alter your luck in a positive direction. Changes your encounters into the positive, and influences your luck with encounters, events, fortune, and people.
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