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Clears out negative energies or influences. This all-in-one multi-purpose energetic cleanser works for both your space and your body.
Cleanse & recharge your crystals’ vital and vibrant energies without having to remove them from their fixed positions and without having to use separate cleansing and charging products.
Good for thinkers who use a lot of brainpower and spend a lot of time in thought and thinking. Creates clarity and eliminates brain fog.
Smudge without lighting a fire. No more messing around with loose sage leaves or bunches, and no more setting up smoke alarms!
Made with the intention of driving out negative presences and entities on its own or in combination with ritual or ceremonial work.
Based on Shamanic practice, a dreamcatcher is a tool that serves to protect and filter out negative or bad dreams for a person. Add this spray to cleanse your tool of any undesirable energy.
Switch your work space into your relax space by running SuperClear in a diffuser to give your multi-use space a Ctrl-Alt-Del reset effect.
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