Letting the Summer Solstice unfold deeper meanings in our lives

Re-establishing the sun’s importance in our lives

There’s no denying the sun’s contribution in our lives.

The sun is incredibly important for all life on Earth. It provides us with warmth and light, and is essential for plants to grow and for many animals to survive. The sun also helps regulate our climate and weather patterns. Without the sun, life as we know it would not exist. Yet sometimes, in our busyness, it is possible for anyone to take anything and anyone – including the sun – for granted.

After all, without any intervention, without any prompting, the sun gives warmth and light to give life, and will rise and set each day since the beginning of time. Such is its power.

Question is, how do we wish to relate to this amazing power?

Creating a moment of stillness in your life

The word, “solstice” literally means sun standing in Latin.

This happens when Earth’s tilt on its axis will be the most inclined towards the sun such that the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. This astronomical event gives us a yearly opportunity to create a moment of stillness in our lives. A moment of contemplation and examination in our lives.

But that is not all. That is the beginning.

Moment of stillness at a peak

In the same spirit as the Summer Solstice, the summer solstice isn’t just about pausing; it is about pausing while at a “peak”.

What does it mean? It means in order to embrace deeper meanings of the Summer Solstice in our lives, it makes sense for us to prepare for it. Just like, when we are expecting an important guest in our home, we would prepare ourselves and our homes for it.

Likewise, ancient cultures would spend weeks, hours preparing for the Summer Solstice. For agricultural societies, for example, the Summer Solstice marked the time when the common practice for farmers would be to prepare barns and tools for the pending harvest. For Shamanic / native tribes, for example, the common practice would be preparing sweat huts, gathering herbs and materials and/or engaging in personal purification rituals in preparation for the Summer Solstice ceremony.

Likewise, what is the preparation we wish to take in order for us to embrace the Summer Solstice when it comes? Bearing in mind that regardless or not we engage in any meaningful practice, the sun will reach its peak.

So what of us? What preparation or practice will we take on such that when Summer Solstice happens, we can connect with the sun at a deeper level?

Resonating the external light with our inner light

Ancient-sacred or Astro-achelogical sites like the Neolithic structure at Stonehenge UK to the Great Pyramids of Giza or the Temple of the Sun in Peru leave us with clues how ancient cultures not only studied and understood the Summer Solstice, but lived with the awareness of astronomical events such as the Summer Solstice in their day to day living. The fact that these ancient cultures invested in large scale structures that exist till today hint to us exactly how important the Summer Solstice can be for human beings. Till today, thousands gather to these sites, attempting to make sense of these structures.

But sadly, for many today, the awareness of astronomical events have become distant “non-events” so much so that without any intervention, the Summer Solstice could just come and go as just another “hot” day.

Hence it becomes a conscious choice we can make on this day to shift into a moment of inner reflection on a day the sun is at its peak to allow the great external light to shine its light and connect with our inner light.

An astronomical event happens every year since the beginning of time

Once a year, since the beginning of time, the earth interacts with the sun to create a day with the most number of sunlight hours .

So where does that kind of motivation come from? To do something, over and over again?
And where does that kind of will come from? To consistently manifest the same outcome, since the beginning of time?

And so timely is the reminder that is given to us – either in the middle of the year – if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, or at the end of the year – if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

So timely is Summer Solstice that gives us a natural way to pause, take a moment to take stock and review our goals and targets in our lives. Where are we at in our lives?

And with that review, we can then move to a phrase of renewed energy towards our goals and targets. To align our motivation and will to manifest goals and targets we want in our lives.

And this isn’t just a renewal of our mindset and spirit. The very fact that there is going to be the longest day of strong sunlight gives us a chance to recharge tools we use in our practice – from crystals to drums to rattles to burners, to even “household” tools such as pillows and duvets, or kitchen tools like wooden chopping boards can benefit from a day out sunning. There’s really nothing like an old fashioned sunning to refresh our tools!

Biological clock adjusting

For those of us with a more sensitive body, we may also noticed our biological clocks adjusting around this time – e.g. napping in the mid afternoon to stay up later at night as the daylight hours after Summer Solstice will gradually decrease. (Hence there is a saying that the days after Summer Solstice marks the start of “darkening days”.)

Perhaps then, it is a time for us to re-light and reinforce our inner light / will / motivation in preparation of the “darker” days to come.

Ready or not, Summer Solstice will happen.

The question that remains is, will we be ready to partake.

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