Stories yield tremendous power. Story-telling is a time-honored way of passing on traditions and knowledge. We share our creation stories of our products not only for your understanding of their uniqueness and better appreciation of the love and care (and necessary knowledge) that went into the creation of each product, but also with the desire that you be able to use these products and forward these stories to others with the same intention and purpose as they were created. Like our products, we have taken great care to create an online site where you can enjoy your time not only browsing our products but also enjoying your time with us. May you not only benefit from our products but also benefit from the wisdom of our stories shared here.

A number of our products were created by request from community members of our sister company, Live Your Mark. Live Your Mark offers life transformational programs and many of our community members, while working on their lives, ask for certain tools to support their growth and transformation. Visit www.liveyourmark.com to find out more about transformation work.

Exoterica Creations, however, has grown beyond servicing the needs of a community to general public. Practitioners of the esoterics can come from many fields and walks of life and we do not intend to unconsciously close our doors on you. If you are not familiar with Live Your Mark and/or transformative work but you are keen to use our products, we ask you practice responsible use – our products can create certain positive effects in your life, but this in no way replace you working on your life, or doing the necessary preparation work to succeed or win or get ahead.

For a start, we recommend soaps and sprays. Soaps are full body enhancements while sprays have the convenience of you using products on the go.
Alternatively, Come for our Shopday – you can meet us “live” online or come down to Shopday in person for a non-obligatory sales consultation. At Shopday, you can sample products, ask us questions, seek aftersales service, and meet other like-minded customers who like you, are looking to improve your life practices – be it meditation, focus / concentration, inspiration / drive, etc. Energetic effects are often not so easy to identify and observe on our own, and we are more than happy to help.

(1) Shamanic Plant Essences

All plants used in our essences are handpicked and Shamanic ceremonies befitting to the plant or material are carried out before an extraction process for their essences can proceed to get what we rename as Shamanic Plant essences. The procurement and production process take time and usually involve traveling and contact with the local shamans or medicine men in various parts of the world.

(2) Sacred Plants and Materials

Sacred Plants can be found in different parts of the world, and they require extensive preparation due to their special nature after procuring them. Such plants hold great power and they can easily influence the outcome of events and encounters, alter the nature of properties and affect bodies and minds, and impact energies with ease.

(3) Precious Gemstones and Metals

Many esoteric concoctions call for the use of precious gemstones and metals. As per the traditions, the effects of the gemstones and metals are directly infused into essences and formulations. There are specific and necessary preparations to be made before the use of such materials, and one needs to be initiated and taught how to use these materials correctly and effectively. Commonly used items include Gold, Silver, Crystal Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Emeralds and Sapphires.

(4) Medicinal Woods

Medicinal woods are used as bases for various combinations of incenses via many different traditions of incense-making. Medicinal woods often offer specific and unique medical effects based on their properties and each are uniquely suited for specific effects upon the human mind and body. The art and science of incense-making has many subtlties that are measured for their effect and energies. The right kinds of concoctions can transport the practitioner to different places, which in turn weigh heavily on the practitioner’s development and experience.

(5) Special Water(s)

Each formulation uses special waters collected from sources all over the world. When Kelvin travels, he usually searches for the local sacred water sources. Sometimes they are found on mountains or in caves, temples or sacred springs. Some are known, many are unknown. Each of these can be considered as “Holy” or sacred in different ways depending on the local culture. Other special waters are collected only through very unique and specific conditions (e.g. a certain time or specific weather condition), which make them special.

(6) Crystal Infused Water

Of the 6 types of ingredients used, (6) Crystal Infused Water is the most “modern” and most “manufactured” item in the production process. Crystal Infused Water is made through the process of structuring the water to become more hydrophilic and then by using crystals in specific combinations. These waters are known for their amazing ability to alter the energy of the water and enhance different properties of what they work with. Research and applications have shown the effects of structured water on crops. For example, how structured water increases yields by 50% and reduces the need for pesticides by 75%. Our sprays and soaps contain Crystal Infused Water.

Congratulations! You should be receiving notifications from us within 3 working days with regards to payment and delivery.

If the products are readily available, you will receive word from us for pickup or delivery. If the products require customization or is out of stock, we will inform you.

Sometimes, there can be waiting period of a month or more, depending on the availability of materials. Many of our products are handmade. Due to the amount of energy and time used in the extensive preparation of the materials and formula, the amounts produced are usually quite small. Sacred Plants, for example, require extensive preparation due to their special nature. They require ceremony and require the following of procedures in order for them to be used in our concoctions. There are also sanctification and charging up processes for our products.

We’re sorry to hear about this – it happens! Make a User ID or password reset request. If you are still experiencing difficulties logging in , drop us an email at hello@exotericacreations.com.

Proper storage can help ensure your products remain safe, effective and long-lasting. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

1. Store spray products in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. preferably away from excessive human interaction. E.g. wardrobe.
2. Keep products in their original containers with lids tightly secured to prevent contamination or evaporation.

Contact 81 53 10 89 to find out more about our spray audits.

Welcome! We offer a range of soaps, sprays and incense for beginner practitioners.

First is to identify what practice you are looking to enhance or improve in your life. A life practice can be a new skill (e.g. I want to make a difference to others through coaching), or a new discipline (e.g. I want to be on time), or learning something new (e.g. I want to learn how to meditate to build up my consciousness) or enhance an aspect in your life (e.g. I want to learn how to better harness energies from crystals and nature).

Regardless of your starting or current point you are at, we always  recommend starting with cleanse. Everything begins with cleansing – be it yourself, or your space, or items or tools you use.

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