Energy Work Daily Practice Matter in Your Life

Energy Work : we might be aware that energy is all around us. The challenge is, how can we tap or use – or – even better – generate – the kind of energy we want, when we want it?

Energy work in the context of our lives often takes a holistic approach, particularly in the domains of health and wellness. A daily practice is a routine or habit that we incorporate and integrate into our daily life to achieve a specific goal. In this case, if we want to attract useful energy in our lives to enhance our well-being and support our personal growth, then this becomes our goal.

So when we talk about daily practices around energy work in our lives, a common entry point into energy work daily practice lie in the domain of healing and well-being.  

Our body’s energy system for example – meridians and chakras. The practice of acupuncture, for example. These are established practices that have been around for centuries and exist in different cultures. But the notion of energy work daily practice does not stop there.

We are bombarded with reminders of “energy work” in the domains of health and wellness all the time : “Adequate nutrition”, “Better Sleep Habits”, “Living in Harmony with Seasons and Work”, “Regular daily movement and circulation”, “Support care system”. These concepts are certainly not new. They are also not difficult to grasp and understand.

Yet how many of us are actively and faithfully following these principles and integrating them into practice in our lives for better well-being on a day to day basis? How many of us actually know how to select which practices are going to forward our lives, and which practices miss the mark?

Perhaps a term like “energy work” is often too easily misunderstood in our modern lives. Somewhere, somehow, these ancient practices have been made “wrong”. Or “replaced” with what is being shouted as “more effective” ways. Perhaps in urgency to pursue success / fame / the next best thing, we have become impatient for immediate effects so much so that we value convenience over principles. Perhaps a term like “daily practice” is off-putting. Perhaps we no longer believe that traditional methods because it does require a certain level of consistent work – too boring, not fulfilling, what’s in it for me, etc.  

So we are here to remind you that energy work matters very much in your life. Imagine, for example, if you can generate cleansed energy when you need it. Within minutes in a cleaner environment, you see and feel brighter. Your thoughts and emotions are clearer. The air around you feels lighter. You breathe easily. You gain an overall sense of well-being and balance.

Would you like to make priority what has been within our reach for centuries?  

I’m new to this kind of “practice” – energy work – no way I am a practitioner.

We were asked by someone who didn’t know us what we meant by we provide tools for practitioners.  Simply put, a practitioner is someone who engages in a specific field, profession or discipline. For example, a healer or coach or medical practitioner. These people are active practitioners who often recognise the benefit of the tools we offer.

But what is much less often said in public, and sometimes missed (or dismissed) is that we also have many customers who are just starting out to take on a new practice in their lives. They want a better life for themselves. They want to create systems around them to support their personal development as they start out.  This stems from the movement that they recognise the potential in themselves to become a practitioner. And that the first step for every practitioner starts from nothing. It begins from nothing.

And that is a great place to start.  

So we want to say that you are not alone in wanting a better life for you. And it is never too late to start a practice. And we are here to make it more “doable”.

Discover how you can benefit from using our products daily, incorporated into monthly drum healing sessions held by our sister company, Live Your Mark Shaman Nights’ community members. Drop us a comment or PM us to subscribe.

Good luck, keep going, and see you around!

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