Cleansing your space is not always difficult or impossible

Just as it is easy for “daily grind” like dirty dishes, laundry and unwanted mail to pile up in our homes, it is also easy to pile up negative energy in our living spaces, and in/around/on our bodies. 

Negative thoughts and feelings – stress, fear, anxiety, worry can invade us at any time and remain with us for prolonged periods of time. Negative situations – arguments, financial strain, bullying, demanding bosses, uncooperative coworkers –  these discharge negative energy (and often without warning), and accumulate in our spaces and our bodies quickly and easily. 

Many of us are aware how our space impact the way we think and act. We know and have experienced how a cleansed space will give us more room for productivity and creativity. We are aware we will feel more joy, more peace in a cleansed space. As practitioners, a cleansed space creates a stable space for our rituals and ceremonies.

But we can still procrastinate cleansing when we face the unsurmountable obstacles of cleansing.

Smudging – using smoke from burning selected plants like sage to cleanse your space – is a common approach practitioners take to energetically cleanse a space.

But smudging is not always possible. Like when in time-sensitive situations, going to a public toilet as last resort, or while driving in peak hour traffic or squeezing in a crowded train/bus. Plus, for a modern practitioner living in an urban setting, it isn’t always possible to smudge. You need on hand (1) sage leaves or equivalent (2) a lighter on hand and (3) you need to be able to burn. Not all spaces permit burning indoors, and in some cases, smudging can set off smoke alarms (especially those pesky hotel room ones).

For those of us who look at the heaps of clutter and feel it is a lost cause – here’s a piece of good cheer : Cleansing does not need to be a doomed and/or futile chore. Nor does it take a lot of energy and time. We at Exoterica Creations know this well. Partly because we are closet lazy and impatient practitioners who just want to cleanse quick and fast so we can get to the main event.

Case in point: our first product created was a Cleanse spray. Our founder, Kelvin, needed something to get rid of a negative energy quick and immediately. He did not have a lot of time nor energy to cleanse in that moment. And that’s how our cleanse spray was created. (The full story of Cleanse is best reserved for another time).

We love the functionality our sprays bring to our lives. Sprays give off an immediate effect. They are quick-fix, convenient to use and can be carried easily wherever we go. We don’t have to start a fire to cleanse our space. We don’t have to worry about procuring and carrying selected plants in our bags or pockets. We can even dilute Cleanse spray in a diffuser and let that do its cleansing work in our space.

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