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Who or what is Exoterica Creations?

That deep within matter, matter matters.

Dr Ross Dunseath (center) and Kelvin (right) going through the test results
EXOTERICA CREATIONS is SCIENCE + ART = a series of exotic artistry, hand-crafted tools and one-of-a-kind concoctions created by practitioners for practitioners to boost your practice and development.

Exoterica Creations is founded by Master Kelvin Lim Kian Meng, who is also founder of Executive Coach International and Live Your Mark.

While it is commonly assumed that scientists and artists hold opposing perspectives and disciplines, SCIENCE + ART are very much intertwined in our world – Exoterica Creations.

Allow us to share our story of how creativity was born out of scientific testing, knowledge and breakthroughs, and how artistic expression as evidenced in our products represent the scope of knowledge we have come to understand, examine and cherish in various sciences.
The Exoterica Creations Story
Our first product was created while our founder, Kelvin, needed something quick and easy in a situation that resulted in the first product – a makeshift spray.

Many products that we continue to create are the same ones we would use on a regular basis in our personal capacity depending on our needs. So the cliche, made by practitioners for practitioners is an apt phrase for Exoterica Creations.

But from a public/corporate/business worldview, our founder was more known for his foray into transforming human lives in the coaching and personal transformation/development industry. Kelvin’s interest in alternative consciousness and their transformative applications such as shamanic practices, biology & botany were lesser known.

But as the experiments, trainings and journeys to procure sacred or precious plants, sacred waters and gemstones increased, so did Kelvin’s foray into the material world grow. The more he learned, the more he uncovered about materials and applications of combinations and concoctions. (You can read more about the story of materials sourcing and preparation in our FAQ)

Always one to be constantly evolving, Kelvin continued his personal training as a Shaman and in turn trained other Shamans. He saw how the Shamans-in-training benefited from having energetic shields created out of sprays while they journeyed or healed, or ran rituals or ceremonies. This gave birth to our Shield spray and subsequently, Shield +++ spray for advanced Shamans. Being intrepid travelers and modern practitioners operating out of urban spaces, the no-fire Smudge spray option was created so that smudging can happen discreetly in hotel rooms and office buildings.

As most training happened intensively over a few days, Kelvin found more effective forms to apply his concoctions to. Bath mixes and soaps were a smashing success. When soaps were mixed with concoctions and sacred waters, they produced a quick and easy whole-body experience for users.


The Live Your Mark community benefited from Kelvin’s experiments, and played a pivotal role in pushing the expansion of Exoterica Creations. In less than a year, the demand for Kelvin’s experimental products to exceed the capacity to supply those products. The first plunge into larger scale production was marked with our first large order of glass bottles for our sprays. We didn’t even have a logo back then, so we “borrowed” the logo from our founder’s sister company, Live Your Mark, as our logo for our first large order of 300 bottles.

Then came the crystals.

Crystals contain immense energy but crystals need work. They need cleansing, sanctification and charging, among other things. The more we dived into working with crystals, the more we honed our skills – not just to “empty” the crystals from undesirable energy, but also to awaken crystals to enhance their capabilities and cooperativeness to be programed to serve specific purposes. Which gave Exoterica Creations the option of offering home crystal protection grids, guiding crystals for meditation journeys and healing crystals to our users.

Then started what (from a third party point of view) looked like an obsession to grind everything into powder with a power grinder. A few blade and replacements later, we figured out that some crystals, for example Aquamarine, might seem “soft” but are extremely hard to grind.

Which then led to the inquiry : What if the energies of different materials grounded into powders like incense? And like incense, different powders can be combined in different formulations for different effects? And what if these formulations can be made into beads to be adorned like necklaces and bracelets for specific purposes like protection or enhancement? This particular line of inquiry resulted in handmade incense beads with specific effects that were assembled into what we now call Power bracelets, anklets and necklaces.


Tool-making was next.

Part of a Shaman’s training is tool-making. And part of the tool-making process for any Shaman or practitioner is passing the “tests” put forth by the forces of both nature and human to gain learnings, knowledge and privy into the secret inner workings of the materials and the worlds they interact with. Today, the shamans who train with Kelvin learn to make and care for their own tools – dreamcatchers, rattles and drums. These tools are made from scratch, from raw materials obtained from all over the world.

Let’s get proof to evidence that our stuff works

One thing we don’t really care much for in the esoterics is over-relying on “experiential” results such as sensing energetic shifts and word-of-mouth recommendations. While we are extremely grateful to our followers and fans of our products, we also know that obtaining evidence from independent sources would give our products the next level of credibility they deserve.

So in 2020, Kelvin had some spray creations tested in a lab at the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia. The primary investigator, Dr. Ross Dunseath, who is also co-director of the Ray Westphal Neuroimaging Lab, carried out tests on the sprays. The lab results documented an immediate and steady change in emission frequency of Liquid Luck, Cleanse and Exorcist sprays. Compared with the lab results of naturally-occuring crystals Citrines and K2 charts, the emission frequencies recorded by our sprays are pretty significant. You can read more about the test results (charts included!) in our blog.

Our plans to re-visit the lab for further and more thorough investigation of our products will resume once COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted.

Like any venture, the COVID-19 lockdown might have derailed our worldwide exploration, but it did not stop us from expanding and growing. It was during this trying time that our first orgonites were created.

An orgonite is a mixture of resin and materials like metals and crystals that function together as a self-driven, energy transmutation device – drawing in negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy. Our Zambala orgonite collection are made with gold, special incense blends, mini-incense beads and carefully-selected crystals that represent the 5 major Zambala Gods – White, Green, Red, Yellow and Black.

A set of 5 pyramid orgonites, each representing 1 of the 5 primary Zambalas can be set up as a power grid in your place where you create wealth
K2 crystals as seen in this photo are part of the White Zambala orgonite collection.
One of a kind orgonite containers by Exoterica Creations, such as this green one (in foreground) and yellow box (in background) can charge smaller items inside them.

The Zambala orgonite collection is Exoterica Creations’ latest product offering and are reserved for participants and devotees who are committing to be on the path of material and spiritual wealth aligned with one’s life purpose. Find out more about our current events and happenings at www.facebook.com/exotericacreations.

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