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EXOTERICA CREATIONS is SCIENCE + ART = a series of exotic artistry, hand-crafted tools and one of a kind concoctions created by practitioners for practitioners to boost your practice and development.

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Tapping the power of natural ingredients and ancient techniques to purify your energy and space. Our sprays and soaps are infused with essential oils, herbs, and crystals that help remove negative energy and promote a sense of calm and clarity.

Our healing and Peace Series are designed to help you release negative energy, promote physical and emotional healing, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Perfect for those who seek balance, serenity, and restoration.

Our Protection Series helps shield you from negative energy and unwanted influences. They create a protective barrier around yourself and your home, and to feel safe and secure no matter where you go.

Our Energy Series are designed to boost your vitality, creativity, and overall sense of well-being. We use the power of natural elements to help you tap into your inner strength and achieve your goals.

Our Meditation Series helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation and inner peace. Use them to create a tranquil atmosphere and to deepen your meditation practice. Practitioners will love the range we offer to deepen and enrich meditation sessions.

Whether you’re looking to attract a new partner, deepen existing work/family relationships, or cultivate self-love, our Love Series can help. Our concoctions are infused with love-drawing energies and designed to enhance feelings of passion, connection, and harmony.

Our Enhancement Series is created to give you a boost in your practice,increase your focus, and elevate your mood. They are infused with natural ingredients that promote clarity, intuition, and mental clarity.

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That deep within matter, matter matters.

Exoterica Creations is founded by Master Kelvin Lim Kian Meng, who is also founder of Executive Coach International and Live Your Mark.

While it is commonly assumed that scientists and artists hold opposing perspectives and disciplines, SCIENCE + ART are very much intertwined in our world – Exoterica Creations.

Allow us to share our story of how creativity was born out of scientific testing, knowledge and breakthroughs, and how artistic expression as evidenced in our products represent the scope of knowledge we have come to understand, examine and cherish in various sciences.

What is an orgonite?

In Exoterica, we use the term, “orgonite” to describe handmade resin products made by our creator, Kelvin Lim. Our orgonite products result from the continued exploration and discovery work of how different kinds of materials – both organic and inorganic – can work together in different forms to produce different energetic effects.

Made with the knowledge of how multiple layers of organic and inorganic materials such as awakened crystals, unique incense blends, sacred geometry and symbols can work together, we also apply the principle of intention in all our orgonite products.

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